Plasmasonic CNC Plasma Table

CNC plasma plate and pipe cutting system


Cut, write, mark and perforate – all with one machine

This cnc plasma table is available with a semi-automatic control system for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. The Plasmasonic and its CNC system are optimally matched for production of various parts. Our cnc plasma table design and structure allow for its operation under heavy conditions (2 or 3 shift operation).

CNC Plasma Table

CNC Plasma Table – Bevel Cutting Head

CNC Plasma Table Control System:

  • Industrial PC with 17” LCD-display.
  • Network card, USB port, disc drive, HDD 80 Gb, keyboard, mouse.
  • CNC-program format: ISO ESSI, G– codes, DXF.
  • Automatic cutter height control during igniting and piercing.
  • Manual or semi-automatic pressure adjustment for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting.
  • Manual or semi-automatic adjustment of gas flow for oxy-fuel cutting (torch adjustment).
  • Automatic selection and setting of cutting parameters.
  • Part rotation.
  • Pre-setting of kerf compensation.
  • Integrated library of standard parts.
  • Operator can create cutting layouts using integrated graphics editor with our cnc plasma table.

Advantages of Plasmasonic – CNC Plasma Cutter

  • One carriage can accommodate two cutters:plasma cutting head and oxy-fuel torch.
  • Magnetic holder of cutter heads allows quick change over and preventing damage in case of collision.
  • Control system enables installation of up to 4 carriages (with plasma and oxy-fuel cutters and independent height control).
  • AC servo drives.
  • Ergonomic control panel allows control not only of the machine itself, but also the power source, ventilation systems.
  • Supporting and bearing structures of this cnc plasma table are made with light-alloy materials; high-precision guide-ways, gears and racks are manufactured by renown international manufacturers. All this ensures required machining accuracy, light weight and structural rigidity as well as operational stability over the machine’s service life.

Standard Configuration

  • Modern CNC-control with CAD software
  • High-end automatic nesting software
  • Wide cutting- and cutting shapes library
  • Free of charge telephone & remote support service
  • Automatic torch height control.
  • Look ahead for program blocks for the sharp corners.
  • Efficient high speed machining is obtained by not reducing the speed at equal lead in and lead out contours.
  • Heavy duty cutting table with preperation for ventilation system
  • Stop/continue cutting function
  • Micro-joint function to prevent parts falling down
  • Working with standard DIN/ISO G Codes possible.
  • Possibility of working with .DXF,ESSI and NC toolpath files.
  • Overriding all parameters while the cnc plasma table is working, is possible.
  • Plasma Mode Switch is done easily through the keyboard..
  • 15 meter/min. cutting speed
  • Electro-welded structure.
  • Dual side rack, pinion and AC Servo motor on X axis.
  • Rack, pinion and AC Servomotor on Y axis.
  • Operation & programming manual

Optional Configuration

  • Automatic bevel cutting head
  • Automatic pipe- and profile cutting unit
  • Ventilation system
  • Automatic air and gas regulation when cutting (both for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting) is performed within the single control unit.
  • Remote control panel (change parameters during cutting).
  • Automatic control of working height. When cutting, the plasmatron height can be defined in three ways: with the firing of an arc, by touching the working surface (with no arc), and automatically.
  • Integrated CAD program
  • Cut reentering function to resume cutting and cover cutting settings after it has been interrupted.
  • Automatic process stop function to stop the process in case of electrode or nozzle damage.
  • Constant velocity control for cutting complex contours and angles.
  • OXY fuel cutting heads
  • Cut resume function in case of flame failure during oxy-fuel cutting.
  • Nesting: CAD/CAM software package (for Windows) with virtual emulation allowing the creation of complex contours.
  • Intelligent distribution of parts over a sheet of material as well as correct and accurate positioning of lead-ins.
  • Heating area monitor (for the purpose of reduced metal spattering)
  • Gas regulation controls and protective devices for better safety
  • Air exhaust ventilation for extraction of gases out of cutting zone.
  • Standard cutting head, 100 Amp. plasma source with manual gas mixing console
  • Standard cutting head, 200 Amp. plasma source with manual gas mixing console
  • Precision cutting head, 130 Amp. plasma source with automatic gas mixing console and marking function
  • Precision cutting head, 260 Amp. plasma source with automatic gas mixing console and marking function
  • OXY cutting heads with automatic gas mixing console are also available with this cnc plasma table

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