Lasersonic B

Laser cutting

Laseronic B

The new Lasersonic B series laser intelligent cutting equipment is the ideal economical machine for high-quality sheet metal laser cutting

High quality laser cutting can be easily achieved for low operation and maintenance costs. This machine is capable of cutting assorted materials of varying thicknesses, with little need for manual intervention. The industrial grade, high strength honey comb structure of the machine ensures its long term stability and operation. The enclosed protective cover and intelligent exhaust system provide both a high quality laser and a high level of production safety.

CNC System
The equipment uses FSCUT laser cutting control system, equipped with a large screen display, and it’s a professional laser cutting system. Based on Windows operation system, FSCUT integrates a lot of laser cutting modules with special functions. Equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the operation is simple and easy.

In order to facilitate the work of the operator, a space is reserved below the display for storing consumables and professional tools. The console has two USB connectors that can be used to connect removable memory devices such as flash drives to download drawings and programs. In addition, the machine also has a LAN connector for integrating the machine into a common network infrastructure.

We provide full-featured Cypcut cutting software. This software is feature-rich, highly simplifies and optimizes the cutting process, significantly improving operator efficiency and productivity.

Engraving and cutting mode automatic switching function
The engraving and cutting modes are set individually by the operator before the cutting starts. The operator can reconfigure the machine and enter new settings without having to stop the material handling process. Switching between modes occurs automatically, which increases the productivity of the cutting complex.

The operator sets up before the start of processing and does not need to stop the material handling during processing.

Graphic operation function
CypCut provides common drawing functions, which can be easily used from the left drawing toolbar. Most of these drawing functions are similar to AutoCAD, and they are also very intuitive to use. The software has a variety of user-friendly graphics operating functions, simple and quick to get started.

Supports multiple files
Cypcut software supports graphic data formats such as AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, and LXD, accepts international standard G codes generated by Master Cam, Type3, and other software, and automatically optimizes when external files such as DXF are opened/imported, saving time and efficiency.

Real-time frequency and power curve
In order to obtain high-quality acute and right angles, the software is equipped with real-time frequency and power curves, and the power of the laser radiation is automatically adjusted according to the speed of movement of the cutting head. When the cutting head is at zero speed (at the time when the corner is stopped), the output radiant power is equal to the minimum power set in the setting to prevent burnout of the corners.

Standard material library
Cypcut software reads the special material library, selects the corresponding material library parameters according to different materials, and modifies the storage operation.

Rich process layer interface
CypCut provides 16 layers, and each layer can be individually set including cutting speed, laser power, air pressure, cutting height and other process parameters. The color of each layer is unique, which is convenient for browsing and configuring cutting graphics parameters.

Simple software
The simplicity of the Cypcut software allows you to shorten the time the mid-level expert learns the basic work of the machine. The work cost of mid-level experts will be much lower than highly intelligent experts, which will have a positive impact on production costs. Cypcut software also offers free upgrades. The software also allows monitoring and control of the installation system: tracking systems, cooling systems, lasers, and viewing node logs.


Automatic Focus Control

The focusing lens drives a maximum acceleration of 10m/s2 and a maximum speed of 10m/min, which ensures that the focal point can be switched steadily during the cutting process. Especially important for the cutting of thick slabs.
Automatic Height Control

The BCS100 self-contained capacitor height adjuster (abbreviated as BCS100) adopts a closed-loop control method to control the laser-cutting capacitor follower and provides a unique Ethernet communication (TCP/IP protocol) interface. It is easy to implement high-speed automatic tracking and sharing with Cypcut software. Section perforation, progressive perforation, edge-seeking cutting, frog-leaping lifting, cutting head elevation setting, flight optical path compensation, etc. The BCS100 adopts a double-closed-loop algorithm with speed and position. Its performance, such as speed and accuracy, is significantly better than similar products at domestic and abroad market.
The following functions are implemented in the system:

  • Burning “jump”.When the material burns, the optical head rises to the jumping height set by the operator. Since the head is raised, the metal melt does not fall on the nozzle portion, and cannot be led out or the entire optical head is malfunctioned. Cut further from the set distance.
  • Burn “fly”. This method can significantly reduce the processing time of the sheet because it does not cut every detail individually, but instead cuts all the contours into a straight line. The high-speed optical head delivers the entire sheet line by line, cutting out the contours of the corresponding segments. Save time is especially noticeable when cutting perforated grids.

Standard configuration

  • Honeycomb welding structure of machine tool
  • Gantry double drive control system
  • Large inertia servo motor and drive
  • Precision cutting head
  • High precision gear and rack
  • High precision guide
  • Cooling-water machine
  • Regulated power supply
  • Dust removal fan

Optional configuration

  • Handheld Control
    The remote wireless remote controller allows the operator to perform the most operations from any convenient location: starting and stopping the program, lighting out, following, reversing the contour, increasing/decreasing the focal length, changing the feed rate, and outputting machine parts.
  • Compressor
    Screws, air-cooled, with sound-insulated housing, receiver, desiccant, and ancillary equipment for air cutting up to 16 atmospheres
  • Vertical Low-temperature Gasifier
    Used as a replacement for standard cylinders when used for cutting gas consumption increases. (eg: cutting stainless steel)
  • Operator Safety Glasses
    Direct, reflected and scattered laser beams may damage the operator’s vision and may even lead to blindness. In order to protect the eyes from laser radiation, special protective glasses should be used.
  • Exhaust Fan
    Used to remove the combustion products produced during the cutting process
  • Supplies and accessories
    Protective glasses and nozzles
  • Filter Ventilation
    Filters – Ventilators are designed to remove suspended, fine and moderately dispersed dust and smoke from air during welding, metal thermal cutting, etc.

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Technical specification 3015 B 4020 B 6020 B 6025 B
Control Cypcut
Table load kg 800
(1760 lbs)
(2200 lbs)
(5720 lbs)
(6600 lbs)
Cutting range, X/Y axis mm 3000 x 15000 (118″x590.0″) 4000 x 2000 (157.4×78.7″) 6000 x 2500 (255.9×98.4″) 4000 x 2500 (157.4×98.4″)
Positioning accuracy of the X/Y axis mm/m ±0.03 (0.00118″)
X/Y axis worktable repeating positioning accuracy mm/m ±0.02 (0.00078″)
Max. travel speed X/Y axis m/min 140 (5511.8″/min)
Max. acceleration  X/Y-axis g 1.0
Max. positioning speed Z axis m/min 30 (1181″/min)
Max. acceleration Z-axis g 1.0
Supply IP level IP54
Suitable electricity V / Hz / Hz / A 380 / 50 / 60 / 60
Laser resonator Fiberlaser
Laser power W 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000
Weight kg 8800
(19360 lbs)
10000 (22,000 lbs) 15000 (33,000 lbs) 16500
(36300 lbs)
Dimensions (with exchange table) mm 8330 x 5700
10500 x 5750
14300 x 6400
14700 x 6800


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