About Us

Kaast Machine Tools was launched to bring you quality reliable machine tools.

Too often, cheap machines are sold as ‘production’ equipment, but neither the quality nor the reliability are up to the task. In addition, spare parts are often weeks away or sometimes not available at all.

Kaast Machine Tools brings you quality machinery from around the world.

From a dozen different European countries, we bring you high-quality fabrication equipment. Eastern Europe still makes some of the best heavy-duty conventional equipment. State-of-the-art CNC equipment is available from the top Taiwanese factories, without the Japanese prices! We also select from a very few Chinese manufacturers who have proven their quality and reliability.

Kaast Machine Tools partners with these manufacturers to ensure that we provide quality machines and that we are able to stand behind those machines with excellent after-sales parts and service. We make frequent quality and ISO audits of all our partners to certify that they continue to meet our standards.

Kaast Machine Tools offers 24 hour worldwide support

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Kaast Machine Tools, headquartered in Germany, has branches around the globe. In North American market with KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. We also work with many dedicated distributors to provide local sales and service. Our quality, service, and value have persuaded many customers to trust their production to us. We have thousands successful installations and will happily provide reference customers for you to call.

We hope you will be our next reference customer!

Kaast Machine ToolsYour production partners!

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