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KAAST Machine Tools is your production partner

Providing high-quality machine tools from Europe and Taiwan, backed by great service and support.

Quality machine tools


There are good and bad manufacturers of machine tools. KAAST knows them all and only selects the best! We don’t choose these companies over the phone; we do it with on-site visits. They are all companies with modern production facilities and high quality standards. We check the construction, production facility and quality standards, and only then do we decide to take a machine into our range—we vouch for the quality.

We stand behind our manufacturers’ machines with excellent after-sales parts and service. We make frequent quality and ISO audits of all our partners to certify that they continue to meet our standards.

Great service and support

Service & Spare Parts

Our dealers have trained service technicians who can arrive promptly at your facility in the event of a problem. Many spare parts are available locally. In addition, we have agreements with most of our suppliers that spare parts will be in the air and on the way to the customer within 48 hours of request. We are always pleased to provide installation and training for your machine.

We’re hiring:

Service technicians

Financing options


Lease or finance with no money down. We can work with you to set up the right financing for your situation. Don’t let today’s budget hinder tomorrow’s production.

Call for more information about leasing: (224) 216-8886.

We have the best customers

Our quality, service, and value has persuaded many customers to trust their production to us. We have thousands of successful installations and will happily provide reference customers for you to call.

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